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Divided Visual Field

This experiment demonstrates the divided visual field paradigm. Stimuli are categorized on the basis of local (high frequency) or global (low frequency) features. Some of the stimuli are presented to the left visual field, and others to the right.

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Hello, world!

This is a simple experiment for testing purposes.

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Lexical Decision - Word Frequency

In a lexical decision task, participants classify whether a string of letters is a word or a nonword. This version is based on one of the earliest lexical decision tasks, reported in Rubenstein, Garfield, & Millikan, 1970. The experiment tests response time for high and low frequency English words.

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Visual Search

A basic visual search task modeled after the first block of the third condition in Wang, Cavanagh, & Green (1994).

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Task Switching

This experiment tests how your response times to simple judgments about numbers are affected by whether or not you are switching what kinds of judgment you are making. You'll indicate whether numbers are even or odd, or indicate whether they are large or small. Sometimes you'll do the same task several times in a row, and other times you will switch between tasks.

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